Sales Manager

Lucia’s sports massage is fantastic and highly recommended for anyone, no matter your age or physical condition. I made my first appointment with Lucia as she was recommended by a friend and I wanted her to concentrate on my back and shoulders due to strain from exercise and seated working posture. Lucia paid attention to those areas and was very attentive during the session to make sure I was comfortable and relaxed. The environment in her therapy room is relaxing, clean and warm. I now visit Lucia regularly as her sports massage work is exceptional, it takes the stress out of the day and helps you unwind.

Senior Research Executive

I first got in contact with Lucia after being recommended by a friend who had experienced a similar neck problem. Lucia listened carefully to my symptoms and made me feel at ease, despite being in a considerable amount of pain. She was able to quickly identify where the cause of pain was associated and the best way to treat it. After treatment, Lucia, informed me of stretches and other techniques to continue doing to increase recovery and improve my overall posture. By the next day, the pain had considerably reduced and I had a lot more movement back in my neck. I would definitely recommend Lucia.

Senior Modelling Analyst

Lucia is a professional and in my opinion a fantastic osteopath/ sports massage therapist. She always takes the time to find out exactly what is bothering you and which areas that you would like her to concentrate on. There have been a few times where I have needed a sports massage in an emergency and she will always find the time to come to your rescue. She is very reliable, very trustworthy and very competent at her job. She is also very strong which you wouldn't think to look at her! If you need a tailored sports massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and relieved then Lucia is the best person to go to, I wouldn't go to anyone else now. 

IT Manager


After suffering back pain for a few years, and being told by doctors the cause wasn't bad enough to warrant surgery, I was left with the possibility of pain, or strong painkillers that helped, but left me a zombie. I decided to try an osteopath, and after a recommendation from a friend made an appointment with Lucia. It was one of the best things I've done, as over the course of a few months I received treatment that alleviated my symptoms, and advice on lifestyle changes I could make that would help my continued recovery, and also maintain it for the future. I'm now able to be pain free, without pain killers, and have a much better quality of life. A huge thanks to Lucia, and a definite recommendation to anyone suffering who's looking for an excellent osteopath.


Before I went to see Lucia I couldn't move my neck. After half an hour of treatment I had full movement. Highly recommended